Review the key points for implementing collaborative pairs within your classroom. Some variations for using collaborative pairs to check for understanding are also included.

Guided prompts to help students unpack their thinking about lesson concepts and learning. Edit the form to make new questions/prompts for your class.

Collaborative pair cards that allow for quick reassignment of partners.

A quick reference for use while planning or implementing numbered headed within your classroom.

Cards to copy, laminate, and use for assigning numbered head tasks.

Another way to change up the assignment of pairs by using pictures of dogs and cats.
Praise . . Question . . Polish
An exit slip or journal writing to gather feedback about how the collaborative pair arrangement and task(s) are working. For example, use the routine of
Praise . . Question . . Polish (student behavior) and specific prompts such as What went well in your pair? What did not go well?

Different partners provide an opportunity for movement and additional perspective on a topic. Once partners are assigned/selected for the specfic time slots, students can quickly find their partner for collaborative activities.

Quick, nonthreatening activity to find out what students know/remember about a topic. Great as both an activating strategy and formative assessment following instruction.

Head-to-Head Write Off is a collaborative activity accomplished through writing that works for students with varying interests, perspectives and abilities.