Names of strategies for use at different points in the lesson--activating, teaching, summarizing, and extending.
Teaching Strategies Glossary
Excellent resource for teaching strategy ideas and detailed explanations for how they work.
Teaching Strategies and Brain Research
More great ideas to help engage students.
Three Levels of Questions
Costa's Levels of Inquiry to understand the three levels of questions.
Bloom Balls
A fun way to help students gather, display, and make connections between information and concepts for different components of a topic.
Bloom Balls2
Another site with additional details about this interesting and fun activity. Lots of other ideas with an elementary focus.
Before, During, and After Reading
Choosing the right strategy for specific points in the lesson/reading. Great link for vocabulary, comprehension, and writing strategies with resources too!
Comprehension and Reading
Comprehension and reading strategies with resources.
Writing and more!
Help your students express themselves and unpack what's in their heads through a variety of great writing strategies.

Students use the think silently and think aloud strategy during structured note taking. Details about the strategy and prompt stems are included with a form for the note-taking process.