Students identify and unpack their thinking for the most important concepts learned. One topic is selected as the most important with reasons that support the choice.
Five Words
At the conclusion of a lesson or learning activity, students reflect and write five words about the lesson/activity that will help them answer the lesson essential question. The words and their connection to the lesson/activity are shared with collaborative partners followed by whole-class sharing. An exit slip with the explanation for each word may also be used. (Variation: only three words are required).
Summarizing Techniques
A wealth of strategies and links to resources via the West Virginia Department of Education.

Students individually brainstorm facts and ideas related to the lesson. Pairs share and add new items to their list. Several students are selected randomly to go to the board/poster paper to record a fact or idea. As they sit down, others are encouraged to add to the list. Only new facts and ideas may be written on the board. When all available ideas or facts are written on the board/poster, students are given a pyramid organizer to prioritize the 8-10 most important items in rank order. Students then write a summary response using the words to explain the reasoning behind their organization of the pyramid. A gallery walk may be used for the purpose of sharing perspective.
Summary Ball
This is a quick-paced summarizing strategy that offers a kinesthetic approach. After presenting, discussing, viewing or reading, ask students to stand at their desk. Begin by tossing a beach ball to one of your students and asking them, within three seconds, state a fact, concept, or idea they learned during the lesson. That student then throws the ball to a classmate who will offer a second fact or idea she learned during the lesson. This will continue around the room and if a student cannot come up with something new that was learned, they must sit down. The winner is the last person standing. Maintain a list of the ideas and facts for students to use as they respond to the LEQ or a summarizing prompt.